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50% Of Women Who Have Given Birth Have This

Many women will experience the frustration of pelvic organ prolapse. In fact, about 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop prolapse during her lifetime. Dropped bladders, bulging rectums and fallen uterus are form of pelvic organ prolapse. As many as 50% of women who have given...

Why Go To A Urogynecologist?

The complexity of medical care makes it nearly impossible to know who to see for what in modern medicine. The same rings true for the treatment of pelvic floor conditions. Urogynecologists, Urologists and Gynecologist all play some role in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions that fall...

Urogynecology - What’s That And What Do They Do

The specialty of Urogynecology developed in the early 1990’s in order to address a growing demand for advanced treatment of pelvic floor disorders such as prolapse and incontinence. In 2011, the specialty was recognized by the American board of Medical Specialties as a subspecialty of both Ob/Gyn and Urology....