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What Do I Need to Know Before Surgery?!


Thinking about surgery but have some questions?


Dr. Parnell does a variety of surgeries, but before we discuss typical recoveries, etc., let's talk about which condition you may have:

  1. Urinary Leakage (leakage when you cough, sneeze, or laugh; or leakage because you cannot make it to the bathroom on time):
  2. Pelvic Prolapse (feeling of a vaginal pressure or bulging)
  3. Feeling like you do not empty your bladder fully
  4. Fecal Incontinence

ALL of these issues can be operated on- but before scheduling your new patient appointment, go ahead and help us prepare by knowing what you have done before to help the problem (cut out caffiene, kegel exercises, medications, etc). If you have had prior surgery for this issue, WHO performed the surgery and when was it done? Have you had any studies or imaging that relates to the problem? Information provided is another piece to the puzzle of how we can best help you!


So when do I know when it's time for surgery?

When conservative measures have been tried, and the problem affects your quality of life, it is time.


How do I know that Dr. Parnell is the right doctor/surgeon for me?

Talk with your referring doctor AND check out our reviews on healthgrades, google, and facebook! Dr. Parnell is board certified and fellowship trained with a proven track record of not just success, but excellence in the operating room. His surgical skill is unmatched, and will walk with you from intial visit to post-operative visits.


How do I get started?

Surgery is not scheduled until an intial consult has been made with Dr. Parnell. This is to adequately capture your medical history and/or examine to assess severity. Additional testing might be necessary, so the sooner you start the better! Appointments can be made by phone at (205) 397-9050 or by our "contact us" page on our website.


What is a typical recovery period?

This all depends on the type of surgery being performed. Most of his procedures have a recommended 2-6 week recovery period. We provide post-operative follow-up and comfort measures as necessary.


What kinds of specific surgeries does Dr. Parnell perform for the problems listed above?

Check out our "services" page! Under each medical problem is a brief description of surgical procedures Dr. Parnell performs, however the BEST way to know what would be right for YOU is to talk with Dr. Parnell 1:1, and he can provide more details regarding alternate options, risks, benefits, etc.


The Alabama Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Pain is dedicated to providing the highest quality care. We would love to discuss with you how to set up your initial consult, and talk through your problem to decide if surgery is recommended for you. Don't Wait!!



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