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The complexity of medical care makes it nearly impossible to know who to see for what in modern medicine. The same rings true for the treatment of pelvic floor conditions. Urogynecologists, Urologists and Gynecologist all play some role in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions that fall under the category of “Pelvic Floor Disorders”.

Urogynecology developed as a specialty during the 1990’s specifically to address the need for better treatment of women suffering from conditions such as urinary incontinence (bladder leakage), pelvic organ prolapse (fallen bladder, rectum, vagina or uterus), and fecal incontinence (bowel accidents) to name a few. With the development of this specialty, techniques used to diagnose and treat these conditions were now being tested and studied to improve the care of women by making them better. Not only were the treatment options improving, but doctors were now being specifically trained to focus on patients with pelvic floor disorders.

Seeing a Urogynecologist allows patients to be treated by a physician who is able to address each aspect of a woman’s pelvic floor complaints. Treatments range from conservative therapy including physical therapy or biofeedback to medical management and sometimes procedures including surgery. The goal of all therapy including improvement in quality life using a wide range of therapeutic options tailored the individual needs of the person. Not many things in life are one size fits all and Urogynecologists have been trained to make sure that your treatment fits YOU.

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