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Most insurance policies include out-of-pocket deductibles and copayments. A deductible is a pre-determined amount of money for which you are responsible before your insurance benefits kick in. A copayment is a flat rate you are expected to pay up front for specific services and does not count toward your deductible.


The amount of your deductible and/or copayment will vary based on your plan. Any copayment required by your plan will be collected at the time of your visit. Payments may be made by cash, card, or check. To check the exact status of your copay and deductible amount as well as coverage, please contact your insurance company.


Our office offers some forms of treatment that are not currently covered by insurance plans and payment will be due in full prior to receiving the treatment.  Some of our most common non-covered services include post-tibial nerve modulation (PTNM) therapy.


Prior to your appointment, you will be required to sign a “Payment and Authorization Agreement”. This confirms your responsibility for any service billed and not covered by insurance. This payment can be mailed, processed over the phone, or completed on the “Pay My Bill” portal on our website.


Please make checks payable to OB-GYN South, P. C.

Checks can be sent to:

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Suite 405

Birmingham, Alabama 35209

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